Teatro Rosa Damasceno

Teatro Rosa Damasceno

Teatro Rosa Damasceno

We are finally back from our extended “vacation”. Turns out our promising busy start in September more than lived up to the expectations. Which is great in our book, but for a while prevented us from devoting any time to Old Portuguese Stuff.

Evidently, this being our little baby that we have to nurture and sometimes fight with, things were left to linger for a while. Taking such an extended break makes you ponder: should we take it into something more grandiose? More political? Refresh the look? Or simply plug it into our Instagram account and make it run automatically?

We don’t know, and for now we’ll keep running things the way they used to, maybe a little more sporadically if anything.

On the other hand, our petition to save the Bolhão’s market stalls has hit nearly a thousand signataries, but no answer at all from the powers that be. We are planning to take it to a public discussion at the City Council soon, and will keep you posted.

And speaking of dilapidated heritage, the building above represents it all: a program which seems no longer profitable, together with legal embroilments and the inevitable decay making its restoration all the more difficult. It’s still a great example of 1930s architecture with beautiful geometric steel windows which once must have put on quite a show of their own.

Teatro Rosa Damasceno, Santarém.

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