As you might know, besides running Old Portuguese Stuff we entertain our daily lives  (and pay some bills too) by being designers. Mostly of buildings and interiors, but sometimes we’ll apply our methods to other things too: in this case, a sardine.

Inspired by Jules Verne, Eiffel and all the great 19th c. Industrial Revolutionaries, the clupeid in question is composed of four of the bays of the Santa Justa elevator, a neo-Gothic confection that every tourist (and local) loves in Lisbon.

This is our entry to the annual Lisbon Sardine Competition, where people all over the world are invited to submit their rendition of one of Portugal’s most appreciated gill-bearing friends. Ours is an hommage to the remants of glorious early industry which you can still see in the capital: the trams, the funiculars, department stores and even chemical laboratories.

Click the link below to see other entries from past years – it’s great fun.

Concurso Sardinhas de Lisboa

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