The Arch was built as  funerary monument to queen Mafalda who was buried in this place at the end of the 13th century.

It’s hard to comment on the photos when the background is distracting and the stones seem like they’ve been assembled and disassembled twenty times before. However, it’s bizarre and unique enough to be here: a sort of triumphal arch from the Dark Ages, with a “tombstone” hung between the arches’ imposts, supported by short engaged columns.

The execution is so crude and the granite so weathered that no sharpness remains to the details. Notwithstanding, the proportions are classical and the composition playful, with simple shapes cobbled together in unexpected ways – the two top small arched openings, the reeded corners, the little stone hipped “roof” with two crosses on each end and a stone pimple in the middle.

Memorial de Santo António / Arco da Rainha Santa, Arouca

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