Porto Pastelaria Serrana

Pastelaria Serrana

Kitsched-up with bad lighting, furniture and plastic vases and Santas, this now pastry shop started its life as a jewellery store. The most impressive feature, retained from its glorious Belle Epoque days, is the fresco on the ceiling which can still be appreciated today among the steaming espressos and confectioner sugar-coated bolas de berlim.

The ground floor is basically destroyed, but the mezzanine level keeps most details intact. Although we have no idea if the stridulous colors are original, the ironwork at the handrails and windows, reeded shutters and flying stucco angels are still great. Perhaps one day this side of town will return to the status it once had; hopefully A Serrana will still be around.

For more information see here (in Portuguese, alas). Apart from the Art Nouveau reference which is innacurate, it tells the whole story of the building.

Confeitaria Serrana, Rua do Loureiro, Porto

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