We came to the School on a Sunday morning, to vote for the latest European Parliament elections. Camera in-hand, we set off to explore its extended premises designed in the Beaux-Arts manner by Marques da Silva. After a while, we found ourselves in a completely different world.

As you can see above, all was and is in pretty bad disrepair. But we could care less – we were in shock at how the style suddenly switched gears from traditional and cute to modern and industrial. Steel windows and skylight, iron railings and a factory-like concrete structure of trusses and buttresses. All in great classical proportion, as a truly modern Greek Temple of Physical Activity. And then you come closer, and all the parts are detailed in seemingly Art Deco fashion – note the overdoor treatment and subtle modulation of the ground floor buttresses and corbels.

Liceu Alexandre Herculano, Avenida de Camilo, Porto

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