Mértola (9)

Mértola (8)

We don’t often feature entire towns or villages in one post, but Mértola is small and contained enough. Contrary to most of the country, the Southern region of Alentejo still has compact walled towns (often with their castles) and vast expanses of farmlands around with little urban sprawl. This makes them a dream to visit and photograph.

Being in the South we are now as close to the Mediterranean as it gets here. Like any town in Puglia the walls and steps are thickly limewashed and the urban fabric is dense with meandering and hilly streets and surprising terraces. The only masonry shown is of military origin – the walls below and castle above – and so the people and power confines are cleanly defined by materiality. The church is another history, having elements of both. And so it gets its own post.

Mértola, Baixo Alentejo, Portugal

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